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File Name Preview
Waking the T.rex Trailer - 720P HD QT (151,294KB)
-High Definition QuickTime file
Waking the T.rex Trailer - 720 HD QT (FTP Link)
High Definition 720P QuickTime file link to FTP
This is a large file that is downloadable through FTP access. To automatically download the file, please right click on the FTP Link and choose “Save…”. If using a FTP client, please reference the login information below. The file can be found based on this path:
FTP Link: ftp://ftp.gsfd3d.com/WAKING THE T.REX/Sue Trailer HD QT 720P.mov
FTP Server: ftp.gsfd3d.com   
Username: gsfd3d
Password: resources
Waking the T.rex Trailer - YouTube Link
Please use this link to embed the YouTube video on your site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVn_hPLK9Rg&feature=player_profilepage