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All Dinosaurs Alive marketing materials produced for use in the U.S.A. must contain the National Science Foundation logo and "Major funding provided by". The Dinosaur Alive Logo PSD files are made of layers allowing the footprints to be rendered unviewable. Fonts Used: Informal, BigDots
File Name Preview
NSF Logo
Zip file
This is a large file that is downloadable through FTP access. To automatically download the file, please right click on the FTP Link and choose “Save…”. If using a FTP client, please reference the login information below. The file can be found based on this path:
FTP Link: ftp://ftp.gsfd3d.com/DINOSAURS ALIVE/Dinos_Logo/NSFLogoWithType.zip
FTP Server: ftp.gsfd3d.com   
Username: gsfd3d
Password: resources