All advertising and publicity materials developed in relation to Tornado Alley must contain the exact copyright, trademark references and other credit acknowledgements, marks and logos as described in these guidelines, and must be submitted to GSF for approval prior to publication or public consumption.


National Science Foundation Recognition:

All Tornado Alley materials produced for use in the U.S.A. must contain the following National Science Foundation logo and accompanying funding information:    


When creating your own materials, please remember to download and include this information along with your other artwork. Please use the link below to download NSF logos and NSF’s usage guidelines.


Discovery Channel Logo Usage:

The Discovery Channel logo may only be used in printed posters created by GSF. If you need to create posters (not signage) of non-standard size and would like to incorporate the logo, please contact GSF for guidance and approval.


Marks, Logos and Sponsor Recognition:

All advertising, publicity and educational materials developed in relation to Tornado Alley must contain the exact marks and logos and copyrights as set by GSF. These must include the film sponsor’s marks as they are used in conjunction with all film logos, key art, etc.

Recognition for local corporate sponsors of Tornado Alley may be included as long as the local sponsors do not create a category conflict with the international presenting sponsors for the film, and their marks do not supersede recognition of the presenting sponsor (sponsor TBD). Please contact GSF regarding any questions related to local sponsor recognition.


Credit Acknowledgements:

Although credit acknowledgement is not mandatory in all material, when including credit in descriptions of the film, please use the following language:

"Tornado Alley is a co-production of Giant Screen Films and Graphic Films, in collaboration with the Giant Dome Theater Consortium.  Major funding was provided by the National Science Foundation."


Note: These guidelines are subject to change. Please refer back to this site for the most current guidelines.